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Ria Winters

Ria Winters

Beautiful Echos

Jul 31, 2009

Last May I make a field study to Mauritius. The goal of this expedition was to create a portrait of Mauritius and its wildlife, focusing on the geography of the island and the endemic species, with a primary focus on the Echo Parakeet.

The project was sponsored by the Artists for Conservation...

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Ria Winters

Portrait of Hawk-headed Parrots

Feb 27, 2009

The first time I saw Hawk-headed parrots, which is about ten years ago, I was surprised by their appearance. They looked very different from all other parrots I had ever seen. It almost looked like their heads did not fit with the rest of their body. But the colours of the crest and the almost...

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Ria Winters

Rodrigues Parakeet

Jan 04, 2009

My first new year blog is about the Rodrigues Parakeet, also called Newton’s Parakeet or Exiled Ring-Necked Parakeet, Latin name: Psittacula exsul. It is an extinct species endemic to the forests of the island of Rodrigues which is the third Mascarene Island besides Mauritius and Reunion.

It was...

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Ria Winters

Levaillant and African Greys

Nov 09, 2008

I don’t live far from Amsterdam and have close access to zoological and ornithological book collections that are in the Artis Library and in the Zoological museum of the University of Amsterdam.

Both have old and rare books. I visit these libraries to acquire information about extinct parrot...

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