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Amazons and plans

Andre Saidenberg | Dec 29, 2010


It’s an interesting reflection thinking about how many plans we have in Brazil - “Brasilia Sive Terra Papagalorum - the original Latin name which means - Brazil: land of parrots - and getting really excited about this: helping confiscated parrots, conserving species, trying to do our best to save lives. And only because of human egoes things can be very hard to be achieved.

Maybe if we were dealing with less charismatic and beautiful creatures (parrots), we wouldn’t have to fight so hard.

But here is some of the news: The previous amazons chicks rescued (about 200 are expected to be fit for release, fingers crossed) along with 60 other adults amazons that are waiting for their chance of freedom since 2006 are going to have their turn. Large aviaries are being built on protected areas for their acclimation period where they will strength some more their flight muscles and learn the sights and sounds of their homeland - the place where, who would imagine, they would return someday.

This project spearheaded by the NGO SOS FAUNA with whom we have previously worked also to help building this macaw's enclosure. Thanks to that 8 Blue and gold macaws have enough space to exercise their flight skills, the first step for rehabilitation and release.

These structures are more permanent compared to the ones that are being built at the release areas (disassembled panels that can be easily transported anywhere and built by few people in no time) but it gives you a preview of how this NGO works to give nothing but the best to the birds.

And together with the enclosure for the Amazons, new techniques will be employed in order to stop poaching taking place - this vicious circle is going to stop. That is even more important than confiscating and rehabilitating.

Part of the shipment of chick formulas sent in the last months to help the growing Amazons.

The adult Amazons as seen today...not many months in captivity left for these guys!