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Biscuit’s Great Escape

Sam Williams, PhD | Feb 27, 2012


It was a perfect morning in parrot-topia. The sun was rising dependably. The songbirds welcomed the day and the delightful wild parrots chortled in the tree-tops. In another life Biscuit would have been perfecting the art of steaming milk to complete his morning cup of hand ground Kenyan coffee. Biscuit however, was well and truly in this life. Like so many other vastly intelligent captive parrots he was once again coming to terms with the imperfect nature of his current existence. Biscuit was a prisoner and quite frankly he was sick of it.

Unlike many of his companions in the old aviary Biscuit had fledged from a wild nest and he had flown in the wild. The other parrots of course Dear Reader had been taken from their families, and from freedom, before they had even grown a full coat of feathers. Biscuit knew how perfect it could be to fly through a tree-lined valley and have his raucous calls echoing back at him. Without knowing how or why Biscuit found himself whistling a perfect rendition of the theme tune to a classic movie he couldn't name. Steve McQueen had always been a motorcycling hero of Biscuit's but to find himself whistling away to The Great Escape as he was seemed rather improbable. And so it was in this perplexing position, as the sun rose in a perfect arc, that Biscuit had a brilliant idea. Biscuit was going to escape! Without a moment pause Biscuit quickly huddled together with the other 6 parrots to share the idea. His close companion Perry almost fell of his perch at its brilliance. This first reaction from the flock was reassuring but how would the others react Biscuit wondered. Twiggy, who had once experienced starvation, wasn't sure as she did not want to risk her food supply. As usual the 2 juveniles from the July rescue didn't have much to say but they were not against it.

Surprisingly it was Isla and Johan who threw a spanner in the works. They were more or less, in a round-a-bout way, against the idea. They had already been free, and even produced an egg during their time on the old kunuku and they felt sure their day of freedom would not be far away. (Dear Reader in cased you missed the news: Isla and Johan were re-caught so that they could join the other parrots in parrot-topia). Biscuit felt a terrible sense of disappointment. It was like going out on a Friday night for the first time in months only to have your good friend stay at home on the couch. All hope was not lost, however, it was just that Isla and Johan wanted a perfect plan. The challenge only motivated Biscuit further. From that moment on his life changed. He had a purpose, and together with Perry they would study the feeding routine and the re-branching routine. They would time door openings and see which of the dedicated Echo team was most attentive with security and which was not. They would examine every inch of the aviaries wire mesh and every screw in every frame until they had a clear plan.

Feeling the musical tingle once again Biscuit happily led Perry and Twiggy in a perfect chorus ...One way or another, I'm gonna find a way, I'm gonna get out, I'm gonna get out get out get out and be free, one way or another I'm gonna join the wild parrots and fly through the valleys once again… Sadly Dear Reader there's not sufficient time to share with you the outcome of Biscuit's Great Escape right now. Doing the caring of parrots is relentless and alas the hungry little devils beckon and so this all to brief a moment of writing must draw to a close. Anyway if we did continue at this precise moment there would be no cliff hanger to this otherwise tantalising tale. Be sure to check the website in the near future to find out what happens!

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