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Falcons More Closely Related to Parrots than to Hawks?

Rebecca K. O'Connor | Jun 29, 2008


The idea of it leaves me a little spun, but makes sense when I think about it. A study done by the Field Museum involving a detailed look at the genetics of 169 birds had some surprising results. Convergent evolution is a lot more prevalent in the bird world than we guessed.

I’ve trained birds professionally for 15 years, but my affinity has always been for parrots and falcons. I find myself speaking more and more in lectures about how my falconry informs my training style and critical thinking when working with parrots. Now perhaps I can claim the link between the two was always intuitive. Maybe people won’t look at me like I’m insane when I explain the training the two families of birds is not so very different. Well, that may be too hopeful, but this is one more fabulous example of why parrot owners should keep reading and learning. Exciting times!