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Introductory Entry

Rebecca K. O'Connor | Sep 12, 2006


Welcome readers! I’m really excited to be a part of the World Parrot Trust blogging family. WPT does great work and the parrots surely need our assistance. It’s wonderful to have this opportunity to share my rantings and show my support.

As a falconer, I’ve been blogging the trials and tribulations of training a winged raptor for three years. (  However, I’ve been itching to talk about the flipside of my avian insanity “parronting.”  Much that goes on in the air working with falcon applies to the parrots in our living rooms, but there’s a lot to say specifically to parrot lovers.

As a writer on parrot behavior and a consultant, I ponder the best and the worst of the pet parrot community on a daily basis. I live in Southern California and frequent the problem parrots of the Los Angeles—Orange County— Inland Empire area. Actually, I should probably say the problem “parronts.”  There are no bad parrots, only misguided parrot caretakers. My job isn’t to fix parrots, but to help parrot lovers understand how to communicate in the strange language of feathers.

I hope that you pop in now and then to listen to the philosophies of positive reinforcement that I share with some fabulous parrot advocate peers. You’ll meet the three parrots that have run my life for the past decade—my African grey, Ty—Senegal, Loki—Red-bellied, Bali (See a trend? I’m fond of African parrots) and you may have the occasional guest appearance from my Brittany pup, Cali and the two falcons, Khan and Anakin. I also foster parrots for a fabulous rescue organization, Parrot’s First ( so there is the possibility of meeting a foster parrot now and again. Check in frequently and love your parrots always!