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Just Cruisin’

Nikki Buxton | Nov 18, 2011


This month we had the absolute pleasure of a visit from the World Parrot Trust "Parrot Lovers" Cruise.

I have to confess I was more than a little nervous. We have never really had visitors before and especially not visitors with sufficient knowledge and experience of parrots to be critical of the way we operate. I imagine it would be like running a humble little restaurant and having the International Convention of Food Critics turn up for dinner.

Having sweated about where to serve lunch, whether or not to get a tent, the presentation, the poster-board etc etc, in the end I think we got everything almost right. Even the not-so glamorous location of the impromptu visitor centre (our garage) seemed to work well enough. The weather was perfect: not too hot, but dry and bright. The parrots were on their best behaviour -- apart from the yellow-heads, but then I expected little else from them, and we had some great friends helping us out with the day. I just wish everyone could have stayed longer, but there was some talk about missing a boat..? Don't ask me what that was all about.

So, thanks to the amazing generosity of those who visited, we are going to be dedicating the next upgrade to the rehab facility to the cruisers. We haven't quite decided what it will be, but we have a few possibilities in mind, such as nesting boxes and breeding enclosures for my crazy yellow-headed friends, or the much-needed re-wiring of the long-stay aviary for those who are too tame for release or have physical handicaps.

Whatever we decide, it will be another wonderful and necessary addition to Belize Bird Rescue. We find it hard to believe ourselves how much the facility has grown. If someone would have told us where moving to Belize would have taken us... well, you know...

A final huge thanks to everyone, it was truly amazing to meet so many like-minded people and hopefully we have made one or two new friends along the way.
Hope we get to see you all again next year!