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Brent Barrett

Brent Barrett

Parrot response to environmental factors - Fire

Sep 15, 2008

Let us explore further the response of parrot populations to environmental factors such as climate (incl. change), predation, vegetation (food) and habitat loss.  Already we know that Kakapo require a very specific event to initiate breeding, but there are populations of parrots with much more...

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Brent Barrett

Further mysteries of science - Kakapo

Sep 09, 2008

Last week we explored some aspects of endangered species behavior that often leave researchers at loose ends.  These referred to parrots which migrate or those that are nomadic (with large home-ranges).  The difference between these examples are a matter of known and unknown location and how that...

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Brent Barrett

IGPC - Starting at the start

Aug 28, 2008

When I worked in the outback on the south-coast of Western Australia I visited many schools.  It was hoped that I could bring the conservation message to the families that lived on the border of the national parks.  In essence a bit of home grown brain washing.  I was also fortunate enough to visit...

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Brent Barrett

The Insiders Guide to Parrot Conservation Pt. II

Aug 22, 2008

Rule Number 2:  Bounce Back!

It rapidly occurs to one who finds himself hurtling at 10m/s/s through a 7m free fall that at some point the newsreel that is his life should begin.  But it simply didn’t, all I thought was “how did I get myself into this mess?”  The impact came like a shock, like a...

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