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No news is good news…?

Nikki Buxton | Aug 04, 2011


Seven months later I am still churning out the excuses and apologies for being an erratic blogger. I guess I have been called worse and can live with that title, but I really will try harder from now on.

Since the beginning of the year I have sat staring daggers at the rusting heap that should have been a usable aviary. It wasn't until the British High Commission enabled our 'Night Out for the Birds' fundraiser that we managed to actually finish the project.  The new occupants are reasonably happy, although rather taken aback at the amount of sky they can now see. Their previous home was buried under the canopy of the orange trees, whereas their new palace is still recovering from Hurricane Richards' handiwork. Even so, they are flying, and that's what they need to do in order to fly free, which will hopefully be sometime in December.

Speaking of which, we have made 14 releases in the first half of the year, most of them on site, with 6 birds still returning regularly for the home cooking. Future releases will be at our new soft release site on a privately owned property about as far away from villages and towns as you could ever ask for. Next up will be 2 yellow loreds and two white-fronts, the last remaining release candidates in the old flight aviary. Unfortunately, they are presenting us with something of a problem. The aviaries were never designed to catch the birds, only to open little doors and let them out when they were ready. Now I actually want to move them elsewhere the little darlings won't come any where near me. I know this is exactly what we have trained them to do, but knowing that doesn't help my predicament.  I have decided we will have to resort to some very clever trapping mechanism. All we need now is someone very clever to design one...

I'm keeping this short and sweet as most of the recent updates are in our lovely new Newsletter. I am aiming to put one out every quarter, but my aim has not been so great lately.  You can find the masterpiece on the Belize Bird Rescue website.