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Releases results

Andre Saidenberg | Mar 24, 2010


Sorry for the delay. Now back to the big (and ugly city) of Sao Paulo it’s time to remember the moments of the latest release carried out by the NGOBichos da Mata. Pictures are able to tell much more than any words. Lots of cover from the local media (TV and magazines) as you can see in the background. Tourists staying at the Araras Eco Lodge also wake up early only to witness this event.

In the morning cages were open and food was placed outside to encourage the birds to leave using the soft release method.

Some birds are very stubborn and even though they go to the outside of the flights they aren’t willing to explore at all!

Here Director Jamie Gilardi is having some fun getting on tape every phase of this project:

Some blue and gold macaws (flock of 7) from the previous releases are still around ready for their breakfast!

The first ones to attempt a real flight:

Landing is another issue and most of them are really clumsy, however soon they learn how to do it properly.

Later that day during dusk light/colors and birds create another show:

Time to roost…first day of freedom:

This project was only possible due to the group effort of many concerned persons that support birds and nature like the pivotal help of Araras Eco Lodge (a great place to visit!), IBAMA-MT (Environmental Protection Agency), Bichos da Mata and the WPT. We are making this happen.