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Their forests were decimated…

Jamie Gilardi, PhD | Oct 04, 2017


“The aviary took massive damage during the storm, and the Rio Abajo forest can barely be called a forest anymore.”  
~ Tanya Martínez, Conservation Biologist on site at Rio Abajo Aviary, Puerto Rico

With sustained winds at 155mph, Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico on September 20, cutting a wide swath of destruction which proved devastating to people, wildlife and ecosystems on the small island.

Especially hard hit were the aviaries at Rio Abajo, where the World Parrot Trust has supported the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s efforts to recover the Critically Endangered Puerto Rican Amazon.

Although the captive parrots safely rode out the storm because of careful planning and in specially constructed shelters, the damage to the surrounding forests was severe, and the fate of the small wild population remains largely unknown.

To help secure the future of this endangered species it is vital that the Rio Abajo breeding facility - which was already stretched by limited financial resources - be made operational again as soon as possible.

Your contribution can help stave off extinction for this beautiful and critically endangered parrot.

Please, donate as generously as you can.