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Wild parrots at Rio Abajo

Jamie Gilardi, PhD | Oct 14, 2017


Many thanks for your response to the crisis in Puerto Rico - it has been uplifting to see the outpouring of concern. We have had good news from the Rio Abajo aviary: the project team has confirmed sightings of wild Puerto Rican Amazons.  

"We've counted groups of wild iguaca in Rio Abajo. A promising start..!"
~ Tanya Martínez, Conservation Biologist on site at Rio Abajo Aviary, Puerto Rico


Currently the birds are living on royal palm fruits. Many of the trees were lost or stripped bare in the storms, and what food is available is disappearing rapidly. As a result, the wild birds require supplemental feedings, which the team is providing three times a day.

Along with looking after the birds (wild, and those in the aviary), the project team has also been out cleaning up debris since shortly after the hurricane. Communications and electrical services have been badly damaged, and workers have to physically leave the site to find cell service to get in touch with the outside world.

The work is incredibly arduous, but they are dedicated to it, and to the Puerto Rican Amazon. The parrots will need a lot of support in the coming months.

With your help, they will have a fighting chance.