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WPT help to confiscated Amazons

Andre Saidenberg | Oct 03, 2010


While you are probably aware of the several confiscations happening in Congo, Indonesia and other parts of the world and that thanks to the timely help of World Parrot Trust and several dedicated partners and individuals these birds have their second chance of survival; in Brazil it is no different picture…maybe the difference is that between here and these other underdeveloped countries, here there is money and a growing economy - unfortunately nothing of this is actually directed to conservation. Quite the opposite - development means that nature is in the way of human happiness and this can only be achieved with material goods - a new TV, a new and giant car, another cell phone, etc.

Anyway that means that 149 Blue fronted amazon confiscated chicks from the illegal pet trade are not a priority to the society or to most parts of the government and that’s why the help of altruistic persons is the only chance these birds have.

Everything pink in colour that you see in these pictures is one baby bird:

The Brazilian NGO SOS FAUNA took the unenviable task of trying to help these helpless babies being sent to a government rescue center. After vital first aid by University students that resulted in only one chick dying, they were sent to the Rescue Center in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (CRAS-MS) where they will be prepared for their release next year. World parrot Trust and other instutions here described helped out SOS FAUNA with financial support to buy chick formula, syringes, gloves, masks that will also be used for the upcoming confiscations - because there surely will be several others. Just last week another 150 chicks were seized and sent to the same rescue center. Still this is nothing compared to the 2008 breeding season when over 1000 chicks were confiscated and taken care of in CRAS-MS. That’s an unenviable task for sure…

Best wishes to you all Fly Free supporters - the birds are grateful.