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Why Save Parrots?

The world is losing its wild parrots. Many face ongoing danger from capture for the wildlife trade and loss of critical habitat.

  • 1 in 3 Species are UNDER THREAT


    The trade in wild parrots is unsustainable. Wild populations are almost wiped out in some countries.

  • 1 in 3 Species are UNDER THREAT

    Habitat Loss

    Vital nesting and feeding trees are being lost through logging, agriculture, infrastructure building and burning for clearance.

    But there is HOPE...

1 in 3 Species are UNDER THREAT


2016 was a great year for parrots!

Along with many successful rescue & release efforts, habitat restoration projects and education initiatives, one result stood out: the fight to end trade in African Grey Parrots.

With their numbers declining as much as 99% in some range countries, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) decision to ban trapping for wild Grey Parrots came just in time. This one action will ultimately save thousands of birds!

Thanks to your unwavering support, WPT was able to play a central role in helping guide decision-makers towards this resolution.

  • In parts of Africa, wild Grey Parrot populations have suffered dramatic declines and action was urgently needed to prevent the forests from falling silent. Moving the species to Appendix I was a very important decision and a critical step towards securing the future for these fantastic birds.
    Dr. Rowan Martin
    Dr. Rowan MartinDirector, WPT’s Africa Programme
  • The up-listing of African Greys in the CITES Index was a huge win for the WPT and African Greys. It showed me that WPT can help influence major global policies which are helping parrots. It’s a very impressive achievement.
    Joe Davenport
    Joe DavenportWPT Supporter, Australia
  • This decision is very good news for one of the world's most charismatic and beautiful parrots. A barbaric and unnecessary trade has been behind the precipitous decline that has been documented during recent years, and I’m certain this ban will lead to a more positive outlook.
    Tony Juniper
    Tony Juniper leading environmentalist and WPT Ambassador
  • This is such a wonderful example of how, when we all voice our opposition to wrongs in this world, we can make changes to improve things. Together we are stronger.
    GD Fahlman
    GD FahlmanWPT Supporter, U.S.A.
  • Wonderful news! I truly hope this is a brick out of the wall of ignorance of the cruel reality that so many wild animal species go through and so many do not survive. So what's the next mountain - we know it can be done - let's do it!.
    Linda Fabrie
    Linda FabrieWPT Supporter, U.S.A.

Thanks to YOU, Grey Parrots are now flying a lot safer through the forests of tropical Africa!


There’s More Work to be Done

With your support, here are a few of the projects
WPT will be focusing on in 2017:

Fighting Trade

Working with in-country partners in enforcement, rescue and rehabilitation efforts for confiscated parrots in Indonesia, Africa, Central and South America. Advocating for better laws to protect wild parrots.

Restoring Habitat

Protecting wild places by planting thousands of trees for Blue-throated Macaw and Yellow-shouldered Amazon habitat.

Boosting Wild Parrot Populations

Bolstering threatened populations by releasing parrots in Central America, Brazil and Cuba as well as increasing access to high quality nests. Researching factors limiting their recovery in the wild.

Inspiring Change

Delivering engaging education and awareness programs with partners in Honduras, Bonaire, Bolivia, Brazil and more. Globally distributing companion parrot care/welfare information in multiple languages.

Providing Emergency Support

Quickly giving essential support (technical, financial and logistical aid) where and when it is most needed.

Twice the impact to save parrots! Your donation DOUBLED until Jan. 31, 2017
Total Raised: $ 0
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