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Parrot Bloggers
Personal online journals of parrot
specialists from around the world.

Sam Williams, PhD


Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Nov 18, 2006

Now I’m into my third month back in the UK I am finally getting used to the notion of being indoors virtually all the time! This adaptation is of course helped by the fact that the UK is getting colder and that sitting outside just to have lunch in natural daylight almost leads to a reduced core...

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Toa Kyle

A wounded female and possible siblicide

Parrot Blogger: Toa Kyle | Nov 11, 2006

I’m back in town after checking on nest 20 (the new nest we discovered late October).  The nestling is progressing fine.  It weighed in over 300g at around 17 days of age.  It’s always a relief when a chick gets to this size as it’s highly unlikely med-sized predators such as toucans and...

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Mike Bowles & Loretta Erickson


Parrot Blogger: Mike Bowles & Loretta Erickson | Nov 08, 2006

It has been our experience that escaped companion parrots, in general, just don’t have much of a chance of making it out there.  We’ve seen this first hand by the lack of new birds/species among our local flock and we believe this to be representative of most of the flocks in California.  After...

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Mike Bowles & Loretta Erickson

Where did they come from?

Parrot Blogger: Mike Bowles & Loretta Erickson | Nov 07, 2006

Wild parrots have been documented in California since the 1960s, but how did they get here?  There are several local urban legends on that subject and the same stories always seem to crop up wherever parrots are found.  Some of these urban legends edge on absurdity, like…

       -  The wild...

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