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Mira Tweti

The Parrot Diaries - Fear of Flying

Parrot Blogger: Mira Tweti | Jul 15, 2007

I remember staring out the window of my Rockefeller Center office at Warner Bros in New York dreaming about doing feature film publicity on location, instead of being tied to a desk as I had been for years. I looked forward to being out of an office - permanently. And to working on great locations,...

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Mira Tweti

The Parrot Diaries - The Butter Wars

Parrot Blogger: Mira Tweti | Jun 25, 2007

Lories, a variety of parrot,  are nectar and pollen eaters. Their diet is similar to Hummingbirds. They are beautiful in their many colorful varieties which even includes black lories.  In their pursuit of pollen and nectar they pollinate many species of flowers in the jungle areas of Australia and...

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Mira Tweti

The Parrot Diaries - A Lory Story

Parrot Blogger: Mira Tweti | Jun 25, 2007

A Lory Story is the first piece I wrote about my amazing parrot companion, Mango. I'm sharing it here for the first time in some time. Now that WPT has asked me to blog for them I thought it would be a perfect place for the series of life-with-parrot stories I've written over the years, some...

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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Foster…make a difference!

Parrot Blogger: Rebecca K. O'Connor | Apr 25, 2007

As you readers know from my introduction, I’m a parrot behaviourist, but really, I train people. Mostly, the parrots are just fine. However, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally help a parrot learn some of the behaviours that people prefer parrots engage in or avoid in their homes.

I have a...

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