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Help Ensure the Kiwa Centre Birds Have Enough Supplies

Charlotte Foxhall | May 26, 2020


Firstly, I hope you are all well during this pandemic. It is amazing to think how quickly life has changed in so many ways since the beginning of the year. We at the World Parrot Trust could never have predicted how this outbreak would affect our projects and impacted on our income streams. With the ongoing impact from the COVID-19 crisis it is a very challenging time for many charities across the UK, and we are no different.

The Kiwa Centre was built to rescue nearly 200 parrots and macaws in 2017 by the World Parrot Trust (read the full story here). The birds were kept in horrible conditions. Once they were rescued, medical examinations were carried out and the birds treated for their ailments, which included overgrown beaks, malformed feet from standing on cage wire, and respiratory issues from the lack of fresh air and dirty cages. When they arrived at the centre many of the birds were in a distressing state, with some permanently disabled. Much time and effort has been put in to ensure they have the best possible outcome and future from this situation. 

In February 2020, we welcomed a group of 50 Grey Parrots to the facility after their confiscation from illegal trade.

The parrots require a varied diet of pellets, fruits, vegetables and sprouted seeds every day and with more than 250 mouths to feed, that is a lot of food! We also provide daily and weekly enrichment for the birds to encourage natural behaviours. Enrichment is nutritional or occupational, or a mix of the two. Parrots are extremely intelligent birds and we are constantly kept on our toes, trying to develop enrichment that challenges their problem-solving capabilities. It costs over £1,000 per month (approximately $1232USD) in food and enrichment for the birds alone. 

Can you help?

We have created an Amazon Wish List where you can donate items to directly benefit the birds at the centre. The list includes food items, seeds, toys and materials for us to create new and exciting enrichment for our parrots.

If you would like to donate items to our Kiwa Centre parrots, please see our Amazon Wish List.

Update June 4, 2020
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we truly appreciate your help!
And an extra big thank you to Exotic Direct who have pledged an incredible £1000 to help with veterinary bills and other enrichment needs!
Exotic Direct

If you would like to see the birds interacting with the items donated, please keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Thank you again, and stay safe!


Grey Parrots at Kiwa Centre, UK from parrotsdotorg on Vimeo.


Story behind the Kiwa Centre from parrotsdotorg on Vimeo.

More Photos:


Breakfast is the macaws favourite time of the day!


Enrichment can take any shape or form, including paper pumpkins for Halloween.


Nutritional enrichment is placed all over the aviaries to encourage the birds to explore all areas.


We have to be very creative! This platform combines nutritional and occupational enrichment.

A blue and yellow macaw flying in the outdoor aviary.