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End Wildlife Trafficking and Animal Cruelty online

Rowan Martin, PhD | Mar 20, 2023


WPT has joined forces with the Alliance to Counter Crime Online and a raft of wildlife conservation and welfare groups to call for wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty to be included within the UK’s Online Safety Bill. The Online Safety Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament, is a landmark piece of legislation that will place the UK are the forefront of the regulation of online platforms. The Bill will require tech companies to put in place measures to address crimes taking place on their platforms and we're is calling on law-makers to treat illegal sales of endangered wildlife on a par with sales of drugs, firearms and people. 

WPT's research into the trade in parrots has revealed how online platforms facilitate wildlife trafficking and the need for meaningful regulation. And we have ensured this information gets in front of those who matter, briefing ministers, MPs and Lords, including the UK Minister for the Environment at Paradise Park last year. Follow us on social media to learn more.

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Now WPT is asking members of the public to write to Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, to tell her why it is important wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty offences are included within the Online Safety Bill. Details on how to contact Michlle Donelan can be found

Please write and let the government know how important this is to you.