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Home and Dry!

Peter Cowen | Aug 21, 2008


After spending two months roughing it up in the jungles of Peru, I am now back in (not so) sunny England. The time spent in the jungle will be one of my most memorable experiences due to the things I've seen and the people I have met. Compared to my last expedition into the rainforest I feel that this experience was one of the most rewarding. It is one thing seeing the sun set in England but seeing it set over an oxbow lake surrounded by rainforest is breathtaking.

My overall data collection was very successful and everything that I needed was recorded. I now have the tedious process of analysing the data to look for patterns but hopefully I should find some interesting outcomes. A number of food resources were recorded in secondary forest, some were not able to be identified in the field so pictures and detailed descriptions were taken of the fruits and trees. Below is an example of a picture of an unidentified fruit sample.

I'll update you on my progress!