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Sam Williams, PhD

Sam Williams, PhD

The Echo logo’s secret

Jun 20, 2013

For a long time now I've been meaning to describe the lovely little arty details about the new logo design. As we've just installed our great new sign at Dos Pos it seems appropriate do that now. If you haven't seen the sign take a look on our Facebook page: Reading

Sam Williams, PhD

What a Great Year

Dec 31, 2012

Today, some friends who are visiting encouraged me to slow down for a moment and reflect on what the Echo team and I have achieved over the past 12 months. I must admit these days I prefer just to "get on with it" rather than to reflect, but it was a satisfying pause. If you'll spare me a moment of...

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Sam Williams, PhD

Biscuit’s Great Escape - The Conclusion

Mar 13, 2012

Biscuit was alive. It was incredible because breaking his leg at such a young age would have normally resulted in his very own personal extinction. Back then he couldn’t even feed himself, but despite his many and malicious protests the parrot team persevered and Biscuit as a result had not died a...

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Sam Williams, PhD

Biscuit’s Great Escape

Feb 27, 2012

It was a perfect morning in parrot-topia. The sun was rising dependably. The songbirds welcomed the day and the delightful wild parrots chortled in the tree-tops. In another life Biscuit would have been perfecting the art of steaming milk to complete his morning cup of hand ground Kenyan coffee....

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