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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Rebecca K. O'Connor

Training to Play (Part II)

Aug 09, 2007

Nothing happens instantly when you are training animals. Or at least, things rarely happen instantly. Usually what you get is the overnight success phenomenon. The truth is that people who are "suddenly" successful have been slaving away—a hopeful rockstar singing in dive bars, an aspiring writer...

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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Training to Play

May 14, 2007

In my home the most important thing a parrot can learn is how to use their “indoor voice”. I work all day in my home office, talk to clients on the phone, transcribe interviews and try to focus on figuring out the perfect word to use. This kind of work requires not silence—but definitely a lack of...

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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Foster…make a difference!

Apr 25, 2007

As you readers know from my introduction, I’m a parrot behaviourist, but really, I train people. Mostly, the parrots are just fine. However, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally help a parrot learn some of the behaviours that people prefer parrots engage in or avoid in their homes.

I have a...

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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Introductory Entry

Sep 12, 2006

Welcome readers! I’m really excited to be a part of the World Parrot Trust blogging family. WPT does great work and the parrots surely need our assistance. It’s wonderful to have this opportunity to share my rantings and show my support.

As a falconer, I’ve been blogging the trials and...

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