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Perils of jungle life!

Peter Cowen | Jul 19, 2008


After staying over four weeks in the jungle you start to become accustomed to harmful things that are lurking in the shadows, in your bed and on the diner plate. It seems to be the most docile looking creatures that pack the greatest sting, especially the caterpillars. Although soft and cuddly keep away from them at all costs. While out on an early morning transect I was stung all along my leg as a caterpillar rolled down, it was painful but after so many stings it starts to get annoying!

I am still performing my foraging walks regularly, the balsa flowers may not be the first choice for the parakeets anymore but this has coincided with the fruiting of the balsas. After witnessing capuchins munching on the fruits it was a matter of time until the birds followed suit! As requested, I have posted a picture of the flowers and the fruits.