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The long lost Red Bellied Macaw…...

Peter Cowen | Jul 22, 2008


There are a total of 20 species of parrots that are located in the lower Tambopata. Six of these are macaws, four parrots and the remaining parakeets and parrotlets. Size ranges from the largest, the Red and Green Macaw to the smallest the Amazonian Parrotlet. Of the six macaws the most endangered is the Blue Headed Macaw. However, during my stay i have recorded this species more than the Red Bellied Macaw. It msay just be my bad luck but it makes for some interesting conversations with fellow researchers!

Today i am back in town awaiting my boat to a new lodge so that i can continue with some more studies.


While visiting town i ventured to a local rescue centre to get a close up of one of my study subjects!