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Things are underway

Peter Cowen | Jul 05, 2008


Things are starting to take shape now as the days roll by and my bank of data is slowly growing. The early morning starts and the long treks are now the norm. The balsas are now flowering creating foraging events (feeding events) for me to record. Birds enjoy the flower buds and the nectarines!

Here is a brief description of my methodology. I walk the trails listening for perched birds, when encountered I determine whether they are eating. If they are I have to clamber through the dense undergrowth to find the leftovers of their meal e.g. seeds or fruits, and record what has been eaten. Foraging also encountered when not performing transects this is documented. Early observations are showing that only a certain number of species are feeding on Balsa flowers and at certain times of the day!

A Chestnut Fronted Macaw feeding on Symphonia globulifera flowers.

While alone and performing transects it gives me the chance to sample the other wonderful wildlife. Two days ago I came across a feeding Tamadua (a species of ant eater) which surprisingly let me sit and watch it go about its business. I am still on the look out for big cats and snakes!

The Tamadua climbing!

Check back for more updates!