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Evet Loewen

The Red Bellied Macaw Chronicles

Parrot Blogger: Evet Loewen | Sep 03, 2012

There’s no clear, logical reason why I started searching, in the Spring of 2000, to find red bellied macaws to bring into my flock of mini-macaws. Perhaps the only reason was that I had several species of mini-macaws, and thought it would be “interesting” to have more. That’s not so much a reason...

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Nikki Buxton

Just Cruisin’

Parrot Blogger: Nikki Buxton | Nov 18, 2011

This month we had the absolute pleasure of a visit from the World Parrot Trust "Parrot Lovers" Cruise.

I have to confess I was more than a little nervous. We have never really had visitors before and especially not visitors with sufficient knowledge and experience of parrots to be critical of the...

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Ria Winters

Vosmaer’s Eclectus

Parrot Blogger: Ria Winters | Aug 13, 2011

The Eclectus parrot is a challenge to portray. The red of the female is so bright that it's difficult to render it correctly in paint. To determine the green of the male needs preparation because it's a matter of choosing the right tones which are quite different from the greens of grass and...

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Ria Winters

Some island species

Parrot Blogger: Ria Winters | Jul 23, 2011

Since the time I've started to paint parrots, many years ago, I grew more and more fond of island species. One reason is their unique individual appearance and the other their almost consistently threatened status. Many island species are rare and under threat of habitat loss, trapping and even...

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