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Sarah Faegre

Sarah Faegre

The Arrival of Friends and the Making of Chocolate

Jul 22, 2008

Working with Blue-throated Macaws and learning to make chocolate from the abundant, ripe cacao fruits on the estancia--could a girl want anything more?

December 29th 2007

Last night at 7 pm (our daily radio contact hour) we finally were able to talk to Carmen...well, Marco talked to her because I...

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Sarah Faegre

A New Chapter in my Work with the Blue-throats

Jul 03, 2008

With the Isla 2 chicks, Goliath and Manu, successfully getting around on their own, it is time to deconstruct our field camp and move on to a new group of Blue-throats.

December 27th 2007

And so begins a new chapter in the adventure: I am now at the estancia Trés Palmeras, sitting at this moment...

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Sarah Faegre

Christmas at the Campamento

Jun 20, 2008

It is Christmas and our last night at the Campamento. Vicente and I stay up late, searching for the rare-maned wolf and then enjoying a campfire in the peace of our isolated island home in the Bolivian flooded savannahs.


December 25th

What a perfect Christmas (and final night) at the...

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Sarah Faegre

Manu’s Second Attempt at Fledging

Jun 08, 2008

Manu seems determined to abandon the nest tree, but he still isn't able to fly.

December 24th 2007

Yesterday around mid-day Manu fledged, once again, onto the ground.  I found him perched in a little sapling that he had climbed.  Vicente and I set up the portable blind and babysat the tail-less,...

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