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Sarah Faegre

Sarah Faegre

Floodwaters Continue to Rise

Sep 29, 2008

The macaws continue incubating their two eggs, high and dry in their nest box, while the people of the Bolivian lowlands do not fair quite so well.

January 29th
5:45 p.m.—in the blind

The rain was dumping down all morning and the water rose to within inches of our tent.  The vicious red ants are...

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Sarah Faegre

Waiting for the Eggs to Hatch

Sep 25, 2008

January 26th

All seems well with the incubating Blue-throats but still, the eggs have not hatched.  Steve and I split each day doing morning and afternoon nest-watch at the blind and the rest of the day is free for spending time with the family, helping out with chores, reading and writing, or...

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Sarah Faegre

Life at Encanta

Sep 11, 2008

Steve and I take shifts so that the nest is under observation for most of the day--the female is incubating and the male makes frequent visits to feed her, so all seems well. On our way through the jungle, walking to and from the nest, we have been lucky enough to observe all sorts of amazing...

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Sarah Faegre

New Nest at Encanta

Aug 27, 2008

Steve and I arrive at Encanta, where a nest has just been found: The pair of Blue-throated Macaws who lost their eggs earlier this season are now incubating two eggs. We are very excited to watch over this new nest and do all we can to ensure success for this pair on their second nesting attempt of...

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