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Sarah Faegre

Sarah Faegre

A Muddy Landing

Aug 13, 2008

January 19th 10:00 p.m.

Torrential rain, tent-crushing wind and thunder and lightening.  I am sitting, damp, smelly, and with a bad case of stomach bugs in a little tent at the estancia of Esperanza.  Shortly after I wrote from Nueva Hora, three days ago, about the rain that would prevent us from...

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Sarah Faegre

Saying Goodbye to Tres Palmeras

Aug 08, 2008

A sudden change in plans requires us to leave Tres Palmeras earlier than expected. We say goodbye to the nearly-fledged Isla Grade chick and prepare for a difficult journey across the flooded savannah.

January 13th 2008

And now, two days later, I am back in the blind at Isla Grande for the last...

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Sarah Faegre

Following a Family of Five!

Jul 24, 2008

Nemo finally fledges, despite his deformation, and we spend our days following the family of 5 Blue-throated Macaws.

January 8th 2008

Nemo, the macaw chick with a congenital spine deformation, has successfully fledged!!!  Actually, he fledged about a week ago, during a period of time when I was...

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Sarah Faegre

A Letter to my Brother

Jul 23, 2008

January 11th 2008

A letter to my brother:
(My brother, at this time, was in India, studying a percussion instrument called tabla).

My Dearest Brother Brendan,

I am thinking of you today, as I sit in a little palm-leaf blind, watching a blue-throated macaw nest, because of some absolutely...

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