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Desi Milpacher


Hide and Seek Foraging and Puzzle Toys

Desi Milpacher

Parrots in captivity must be given the opportunity to satisfy their natural inclinations to forage.

50 Things a Companion Parrot Owner Should Know About Parrots

Desi Milpacher

A list of things a companion parrot caregiver should know about parrots is always a good idea... and here's 50 of them to consider for your feathered friend.

Keeping Up Care for Pets in Troubled Financial Times

Desi Milpacher

During economic downturns family pets can be unintentionally forgotten.  Here are some tips to help prevent them from falling through the cracks.

Allergic Alveolitis: A Hypersensitivity Disorder

Desi Milpacher

Information about this illness, and some simple precautions you can take to prevent it from starting.

Extinction - The Parrots We’ve Lost

Desi Milpacher

In this article, the author briefly explores what happened to these lost birds.

Parrots and Their Interesting Habits

Desi Milpacher

Parrots as a group are fascinating creatures, but some species are definitely edgier than others.

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