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Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release: Saving Peru’s Native Parrots

Rosa Elena Zegarra and Catalina Hermosa-Guerra

WPT-supported efforts continue to stem the illegal wild-bird trade in Peru.

Yellow-backed Lory Headed for Extinction?

Rosemary Low

Report on the deepening crisis with Chattering and Yellow-backed Lories caught in the wild bird trade.

Hope for Fighting Bolivian Trade: CREA

WPT Staff

WPT-backed facility established in Bolivia to ease the rehabilitation efforts of wild parrots caught in illegal trade.

Wild-bird Trade: Then and Now

Desi Milpacher

An examination of the trade over two decades of WPT history.

An Overlooked Trade Hotspot: North Moluccas

H. Eden W. Cottee-Jones and John C. Mittermeier

Little is known about the wild bird trade in some parts of Indonesia.