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EB Cravens


Solutions That Might Benefit the Rescue/Adoption Situation

EB Cravens

Author and parrot care expert EB Cravens discusses practical and proactive solutions to the issues of rehoming parrots.

Reflections on Parrot Rescue and Adoption

EB Cravens

Author and parrot care expert EB Cravens weighs in on the realities of parrot rescues and adoption.

Wild Diets, Captive Options

Jamie Gilardi & EB Cravens

Offering companion parrots a nutritionally diverse selection of natural and wild foods as part of their daily diet.

Views on Pelleted Food Diets

EB Cravens

Why relying on pelleted foods alone will not sustain your parrot's health.

Views on Mineral Grit for Parrots

EB Cravens

A compelling look at the many purposes grit serves in the avian diet.

Toenail Tips for Parrot Keepers

EB Cravens

The question of how and when to clip a captive hookbill's toenails pose a particular dilemma for the natural birdkeeper.

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