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World Parrot Trust


Your Feathered Friends’ Feet

WPT Staff

Whenever your bird is not flying it will be using its feet. It is therefore crucial to keep them exercised and healthy.

Plants for Parrots

World Parrot Trust

Giving your parrot browse and greenery to chew on is a great way to encourage natural behaviour. Experiment with different types and use this to provide occupational enrichment.

Slowing Parrot Trafficking in Indonesia

Desi Milpacher

In a new effort of cooperation the WPT has joined with local and international NGOs, local zoos, and a new Indonesian government, to help tackle the massive issue of illegal trade in parrots.

Hope for Fighting Bolivian Trade: CREA

WPT Staff

WPT-backed facility established in Bolivia to ease the rehabilitation efforts of wild parrots caught in illegal trade.

Restoring Bonaire: Echo

World Parrot Trust

Ensuring the survival of species that rely on the dry forest.

The Parrot that Chews

WPT Staff

A chewing, climbing, foraging parrot is a happy one, and that's half the battle of keeping birds healthy.

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