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Desi Milpacher


Kiwa: The Story of a Macaw Rescue

Desi Milpacher

A look at how a chance visit to a breeding facility inspired an incredible rescue.

Happy Health Parrot Guide

WPT Staff

New Parrot Owner's Guide: A Beginner's Reference

Wild-bird Trade: Then and Now

Desi Milpacher

An examination of the trade over two decades of WPT history.

Benefits and Limitations of Milk Thistle as a Nutritional Supplement for Birds

Desi Milpacher

This relatively unadorned plant may be fairly commonplace - but it just may have a lot to offer as a therapeutic agent in the field of medicine, both human and veterinary.

Human Foods: Are Some Dangerous for Parrots?

Desi Milpacher

What you feed can hurt your feathered friends, often in unexpected ways.

A Toy to Climb All Over: Hanging and Gym Toys

Desi Milpacher

Learn just what it takes to entice a pet parrot to climb up and down and over and across... and keep him healthy and happy.

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