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Browse by: Brian Speer, DVM

Expert Questions

Amazon with difficulty swallowing

Brian Speer, DVM

I have an 18 year old rescue Mexican Red Head. He has been showing a choking motion or trying to push something down his throat. My vet did an upper gi on her. She said she either has esophical...

Allopurinol and gout treatment in cockatiel

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a 26 year old cockatiel and about 4 weeks ago I noticed white lumps on his legs under the skin and his toe joints and feet are also swollen, the vet thinks it is gout and has given me...

Recurrent coccidiosis in a cockatiel

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a male cockatiel who is suffering from chronic coccidiosis. I already treated him 2 years ago with tiamulin and he seemed to be healthy, but now the vet has found oocysts in feces again, so...

Cancer in a pet Orange Winged Amazon

Brian Speer, DVM

How can I determine whether my 21 year old orange-winged amazon that has been diagnosed with a inoperable cancer tumor, is in pain?

What are the signs he would exhibit, even the subtle ones?

Worming questions

Brian Speer, DVM

Please can you advise me about worming?

I have an aviary of budgies with three 'tiels in the mix. I usually worm with 'solubenol'. However I recently noticed that it contains the same active...

Feather concerns in a Galah

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a male seven year old galah cockatoo. He is hand reared and I've had him from a baby. He has lots of enrichment opportunities including access to an outside aviary, I've done the online...

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