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Expert Questions

Selecting safe browse for parrots

EB Cravens

I live in Northern Virginia with 2 macaws, I'd like to know what type of wood from trees in my yard etc I can give to my birds. Can I just bring them in from outside or do I have to do something to...

Concerns about emotional health of parrot while vacationing

Phoebe Green Linden

Hello Phoebe,
Three years ago my wife and I adopted a 13 yr old yellow-headed amazon. The bird was originally wild-caught. His first owner had died, and his children sold his two (bonded) parrots...

Limited Wing Clipping and Teflon Safety

Phoebe Green Linden

Dear Phoebe, I have two questions. Firstly I have a Hahn’s macaw (Einstein) and a Sun Conure (Gizmo), I stopped clipping their wings about a year ago. Gizmo doesn't fly much at all, but Einstein is...

Nesting African Grey Parrots

EB Cravens

My Question:  have 8 rescue Greys in a large outdoor aviary. All get on very well, and two pairs are very bonded. to encourage breeding, what shape should nest boxes be, what nesting materials are...

Bathing fears

EB Cravens

Dear Mr. Cravens,
I have had my 7 year old Grey Sparkle for 2 years now. I re-homed her from a young couple who couldn’t look after her and their 2 children at the same time. Sparkle will not...

Amazon Aggression

Steve Martin & Staff

hi my name is melanie and i live in the algarve in portugal i have rehomed an amazon who is about 30yrs old he lives in the avairy with my macaw and my newly rehomed cockatoo. the avairy is a steel...

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