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Expert Questions

Adding a new parrot to the flock

Phoebe Green Linden

We have two parrots in our living room: a female Congo African Grey born on 24.11.09 and a female Meyers parrot born on 24.03.10. As they do not like each other, they live in separate cages. For...

Proper housing for a bird

David Woolcock

Hello, I may have received bad advice & would appreciate your help. I live in S Dorset, but the last two winters have been very cold (down to -10C). During both of these my pair of Plumheads were...

Outdoor flight for a Rose-breasted Cockatoo

EB Cravens

Hi, I’m planning to build an aviary in the garden of my townhouse in New York City for my rose breasted cockatoo Chirp, so he can spend more time outdoors during the warmer months. The designers...

Are seashells safe as parrot toys

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I am wondering if seashells are save to give me African brown head to play with. I noticed one of the toys in his pen has seashells attached...

Breeding parrots and parakeets in a mixed species aviary

EB Cravens

Dear EB, My aviary is in 6 sections all open. It measures 35 metres. The 17 parakeets use all the space. The parrots less so.

I have 2 pairs of rescue small birds - Plumheaded parakeets, a male...

Housing and humidity for a Blue-fronted Amazon?

Phoebe Green Linden

Dear Phoebe, My Blue-fronted Amazon parrots live in a double-glazed conservatory. It has two doors, two windows, two skylights and the sides and roof are glass.  I would be grateful if you would...

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