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Browse by: Glenn Reynolds

Expert Questions

18 year old parrot laying eggs for the first time

Glenn Reynolds

My 18 year old green wing macaw has started laying eggs. The first 2 I disposed of but I've let the 3rd one stay in the cage because I was worried she would just keep producing eggs if I kept...

Outdoor Aviary Dilemma

Glenn Reynolds

My husband and I have adopted a galerita cockatoo, a goffin’s cockatoo and a jandaya conure, all of whom were in various states of disrepair. To provide sunlight and exercise, we are building a...

Clarity on Some Nutritional Issue

Glenn Reynolds

My Question: Hi There, I am trying to get some clarity on some nutrition issues.

1) I know well that a lot of sunflower is not good, but there seems to be a big move totally against sunflower.(my...

Juicer Mulch

Glenn Reynolds

i have a orange winged amazon,my question is about feeding,i use a juicer and wondered if my parrot can eat the mulch left behind,we tried him with the juice but he wont drink it.thanks in advance....

Male Eclectus losing a lot of feathers from his upper breast

Glenn Reynolds

My male Eclectus is losing a lot of feathers from his upper breast region and they appear to be a greyish colour underneath, could he be “moulting” or could there be a more serious problem?...

Cockatiel nutrition

Glenn Reynolds

Hello Glenn, Could you advise me on a diet for my cockatiel that would get his weight down? I don`t want to loose him. He is 20 years of age and weighs 120 grams and he doesn`t seem to want to fly...

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