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Browse by: Glenn Reynolds

Expert Questions

Effects of Capsaicin Cream on Parrots

Glenn Reynolds

I read your article on hot peppers. Since parrots don’t seem to taste the heat, do you think they’d suffer from capsaicin cream? My doctor has prescribed it for me for pain and I’m afraid to...

Are Hot Peppers Good for Your Parrot?

Glenn Reynolds

Dear Glenn, I understand you’re something of a red hot chili pepper fanatic - the spicy kind, not the band - and I enjoyed the news story (...

Are the Princess Flower (AKA Glory Bush) and Mandevilla toxic to birds?

Glenn Reynolds

Dear Glenn, I’ve got two plants in my yard growing up along my aviary which I can’t find on the “Toxic Plants” or “Safe Plants” lists. Can you help? They are the Princess Flower (AKA Glory Bush)...

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