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Expert Questions

Blue Quaker biting visitors and son

Steve Martin & Staff

our quaker parrot eddie is three and a half months old when we first got him he was very gentle with every one although did nibble but not hurt. Now he is really gentle with me but is biting...

Teaching free flight to an African Grey

Lee McGuire

I have a 1 year old African Grey congo male and I would like to teach him to free fly. Can you let me know how to do this or where to sign up to? His wings were cut when I got him a year ago and...

Deciding whether a parrot needs a same-species companion

Phoebe Green Linden

Hello. I live in Cyprus and I have 10 non handfed rescue parrots in an outside aviary right next to our terrace of different species each with a mate of its own variety. I also have a hand fed 1...

Teaching patience to a Blue and Gold Macaw

Steve Martin & Staff

I have a 20 week old Blue and Gold Macaw called Tyson who is coming along nicely with training. I work during the day and when I come home from work he runs around the cage frantically until I get...

Replacing Biting

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

Hi there, I have a parrotlet called Fynn and I've had him about a year now from when he was a chick (parent-reared, if that helps). I know parrotlets are sometimes territorial and the main thing to...

Spinning Behavior in a Parrot

Steve Martin & Staff

Dear Steve, About a year ago i adopted a Moulaccan male that was about 20 years old. I adopted him through a very wonderful rescue organization. He had been there for about three years and had also...

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