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Expert Questions

Learning to Fly

EB Cravens

Hi Eb, you helped us about 11 years ago (when we were living in Flagstaff AZ) to teach our macaw, Cyrano (then 2-3 yrs old, now 14 years old) to land by dropping her onto the bed. This was so she...

Stress of yearly health visits

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

Dear Susan, I have two Monk parakeets that will be one year old in June. They are active and appear to be in good health, but I have been reading everywhere that parrots should be brought for an...

Wing Clipping vs Flighted Companion Parrots

Jim McKendry

Hi Jim,
I recently read an article on the top dangers associated with injury and death in parrots. High on the list was not clipping your bird's wings. Examples given were the risks of flying into...

Excessively loud vocalizations

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

Hi, My name is Naomi. My family and I have a Fiery-shouldered Conure parrot named Mario that is about 5 years old. Currently there are 7 people living in our house. We have had him for the past...

Avoiding behavioral problems in Cockatoos

Phoebe Green Linden

Dear Phoebe, When raising young cockatoos, what are the best ways to avoid behavioral problems when cockatoos become adults? Thanks,
Nic Miller

Why is my parrot acting that way?

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

Dear Susan, I have a 7 year old yellow crowned amazon called Merlin, confirmed by my vet to be a male. He was hand reared and I have had him since he was weaned at about 12 weeks. For the first...

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