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Expert Questions

Pooping on Cue

Steve Martin & Staff

My Question:
I have an 18 yr. old male triton cockatoo whom I’ve had for 16 yrs. He is
my only bird and lives in our home in his very big cage. I keep his flight
feathers trimmed. He is healthy and...

Galah behaviour question

Jim McKendry

Hi, Our 15 year old male galah began exhibiting some new behaviors on his own during the past year or so that we are interested in understanding.
1. He often drapes hanging toys over his back.

Biting African Grey Parrot

Jim McKendry

How can I stop my African Grey viciously biting whenever I go near him? He is hand reared but has become very nasty.
Submitted by: Liz Bradford

Wood Chewing

Steve Martin & Staff

My Question:
my 5 year old (Ducorps) Cockatoo, has recently started to eat wood (dowel and wooden beads) rope, plastic. Last time he was in the carrier he ate the paint of the carrier door, he...

Macaw Screaming

Lee McGuire

Grover, my B&G Macaw screams every time I leave the room. How can I make him stop? Thanks, Steve.

The relationship of anting to Sydney’s behavior

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

Hi Susan, it’s wonderful to see you here! I wrote you about my recently adopted LSC2 who engages in a ceremonious/ritualistic behavior. I am curious if you think this is possibly anting behavior?...

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