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Expert Questions

Introducing parrots to each other

Phoebe Green Linden

Hello Phoebe, I would like to know what approach is best taken when introducing parrots to each other. I have an African Grey and have bought a baby Myers Parrot that should be weaned in a few...

Biting Amazon Parrot

Steve Martin & Staff

Hi: I have a yellow-cheeked Amazon that I purchased from a pet shop 8 yrs. ago.  At first he/she was very loving and I could walk anywhere with him. Two years ago he started attacking me for no...

Budgie Training

Steve Martin & Staff

I own a two month old budgie, called Pepito. He is very affectionate, when I approach his cage he moves towards the door, and as soon as I open it he steps on my finger, he flies on my shoulder, he...

Co-housing African Greys

Jim McKendry

Can you tell me if these myths are true or not:
We have 2 African greys, Rangi who is 1 year and Kea who is 5 months. We only got Kea a month ago as a companion for Rangi. They have separate cages...

Attempting Harness Use with a Fearful Galah

Jim McKendry

Hi, I have just bought a Galah, she is only 9 months old and I have had her for 2 months. The previous owner found her too much to put up with as they had an African Grey as well. I have found her...

Our Cockatoo and his Fear

Steve Martin & Staff

I recently adopted Joey who came from a house where the guy would throw things at the cage if he made any noise. Joey is very sweet and loving with me. He will follow me around the house like a...

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