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Expert Questions

Towelling a young Eclectus

Phoebe Green Linden

Hi Phoebe, Due to toweling my new young male Eclectus to medicate him, he is now terrified of towels. Is there a way to get him past this fear? He is also bonded to his cage and doesn’t want to...

Unweaned African Grey

Jim McKendry

I am from Bucharest/Romania and I have a baby African Grey Parrot that is 17 weeks old. Without knowing I bought him unweaned so I feed him once a day. My problem is that I can’t get him back...

Training Challenges

Jim McKendry

I have 18 parrots, most of whom have been adopted from a shelter. They all have issues; I have pluckers, biters, etc. Since I have so many, training through positive reinforcement is...

Advice on a loud parrot

Lee McGuire

My Timneh Grey Bobby makes such a painfully piercing loud whistle. I’ve tried covering him up, ignoring him and talking gently to him; all to no avail. Bobby is not tame so  I cannot handle him....

Feather Question

Steve Martin & Staff

Could you please help me? I have a African Grey Parrot named Charlie. We have had him for 4 weeks now he was clipped when we bought him. He is a lovely little bird I notice the other day that one...

Feather Picking

Jim McKendry

We have two African Grey parrots. Peaches is three years old and Vincent is 11 months old. Both birds have their own cages and a quiet room to sleep in, away from the family. They have an...

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