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Browse by: Jim McKendry

Expert Questions

Trust Building with a Budgie

Jim McKendry

Hi Jim,
I have three budgies. One is a female, six years or older. I adopted her a year ago. She will step up, and take treats from my hand. The second is a male, from the pet store, he is under...

Wing Clipping vs Flighted Companion Parrots

Jim McKendry

Hi Jim,
I recently read an article on the top dangers associated with injury and death in parrots. High on the list was not clipping your bird's wings. Examples given were the risks of flying into...

How can i hand tame a Galah?

Jim McKendry

Hello, I was wondering how to get wild galahs hand-tame because but we got one today from the side of the road and it is a girl and it has bit me and I don't know how to get it hand-tame. Can you...

Indoor/Outdoor Aviary Design

Jim McKendry

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to ask my question. I live with three large macaws and one small conure. I want to convert my oversized two-car garage to an aviary in order to give my...

Odd Dusky Lory Behaviour

Jim McKendry

Hi Jim. This is a weird question. I’m an Aviary Zookeeper and have been for 3 years now and I have noticed that one of our Dusky Lories likes sitting on other lories’ heads. I’ve never seen this...

Which are more intelligent - large parrots or small?

Jim McKendry

Hi, I’m wondering how the intelligence level may differ between large parrots vs. small parrots? For example, is an African Grey “smarter” than a Lovebird or a Parrotlet?
From Asa....

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