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Expert Questions

Biting behavior in African Grey

Hillary Hankey

I have an african grey parrot. His name is Gago. He is living with us now more than years. He speaks like a human being. He has vocabulary of over 100 words. He is very clever. Gago likes or loves...

Greys at Play: What is normal?

Jamie Gilardi, PhD

My 1 year old Congo African Grey (Bruno) loves to play. I often see him swinging on a rope upside down, making funny noises and pretending to attack toys hanging from the cage ceiling (or rather...

Trust Building with a Budgie

Jim McKendry

Hi Jim,
I have three budgies. One is a female, six years or older. I adopted her a year ago. She will step up, and take treats from my hand. The second is a male, from the pet store, he is under...

Rainbow Lorikeet advice for health (physical and behavioral) and longevity

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

Thank you for considering my question. I have a rainbow lorikeet that has ended up as my pet. I’m a WIRES carer and he (I can’t be sure he is a male) came into my care in April as a displaced chick...

Fearful Macaw

Steve Martin & Staff

Hello, I took in a Yellow Collared macaw about 18 months ago. He is now about 18 years old and has spent most of his life being neglected, mistreated and passed from home to home. I know that he...

Fearful African Grey

Steve Martin & Staff

My Question: Regarding a rescued 7 yr old male African Grey. I obtained “Steve” from a friend who works at an avian rescue. She was fostering him, and I felt I could offer Steve a lot of patience....

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