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Expert Questions

Sore Feet

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

My Question:
I bought a pair of rosellas in November 2007. I realised at the time that one of them (the male) had sore feet but I didn’t realise the severity of it until I got home. The poor bird...

Feather Growth in Parrots

EB Cravens

Dear EB,
I have a common Indian parrot and unfortunately the seller has clipped its wings. I want to know as to how long it will take for its wings to regrow ie the centre wing span. Daily i take...

Flock behavior and Hawk-headed Parrots

EB Cravens

Hi EB, A while ago, you asked if my Hawkheaded parrot is OK sharing the indoor sunroom with our 6 other companion parrots. In this room we have 3 amazons, a galah, a vos eclectus, and our...

Mystery death in mixed aviary

EB Cravens

I found Sid elderly wild-caught and rescued Timneh African Grey parrot, dead in the nest box where he sleeps. Sid could not fly. HE has shared since last September the shed in which the nest box is...

Winter feeding of parakeets outdoors

Phoebe Green Linden

My Question:
Winter feeding of parakeets in unheated outdoor aviary.
I live in East Anglia. This winter seems especially harsh. The parakeets have sheltered spots but no indoor housing. 2...

Colin’s question: Re-thinking re-homing.

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

I need some help in finding my parrot a new home in Scotland had him for 9 years. He has just starting pulling feathers out under wing. I had him at vets, was only feeding sunflower seeds, he has...

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