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Browse by: Phoebe Green Linden

Expert Questions

Introducing parrots to each other

Phoebe Green Linden

Hello Phoebe, I would like to know what approach is best taken when introducing parrots to each other. I have an African Grey and have bought a baby Myers Parrot that should be weaned in a few...

Overgrown beak - to file or clip?

Phoebe Green Linden

What is the best way to shorten an overgrown Amazon’s beak? file or clip?
Thanks, Diane

Towelling a young Eclectus

Phoebe Green Linden

Hi Phoebe, Due to toweling my new young male Eclectus to medicate him, he is now terrified of towels. Is there a way to get him past this fear? He is also bonded to his cage and doesn’t want to...

Winter feeding of parakeets outdoors

Phoebe Green Linden

My Question:
Winter feeding of parakeets in unheated outdoor aviary.
I live in East Anglia. This winter seems especially harsh. The parakeets have sheltered spots but no indoor housing. 2...

Keeping cockatoos outside on coast of Oregon

Phoebe Green Linden

We are thinking about building an outdoor aviary for our cockatoos and we live on the coast in Oregon. Is it warm enough to keep them outside year round?

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