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Health & Nutrition


Sprouting for Parrots

Jamie Gilardi

Sprouting seeds and legumes for your parrot can offer a valuable new source of nutrition as well as enrichment.

Benefits and Limitations of Milk Thistle as a Nutritional Supplement for Birds

Desi Milpacher

This relatively unadorned plant may be fairly commonplace - but it just may have a lot to offer as a therapeutic agent in the field of medicine, both human and veterinary.

Human Foods: Are Some Dangerous for Parrots?

Desi Milpacher

What you feed can hurt your feathered friends, often in unexpected ways.

Signs of Illness in Companion Parrots

World Parrot Trust

Things to watch out for that could be important indicators of illness.

Infectious Disease Risks to Parrot Aviculture and Reintroduction

A.G. Greenwood

A complete review of major disease risks for parrots in captivity.

How do I know if my parrot is sick?

Brenna Fitzgerald

Avian health care basics for looking after your birds.

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