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Browse by: EB Cravens

Expert Questions

Flock behavior and Hawk-headed Parrots

EB Cravens

Hi EB, A while ago, you asked if my Hawkheaded parrot is OK sharing the indoor sunroom with our 6 other companion parrots. In this room we have 3 amazons, a galah, a vos eclectus, and our...

Proper Housing for a Pet Parrot

EB Cravens

Hello. I’m asking this question for my friend who has a Timneh and a cockatiel. She has to live with her 84 yr old mother whom is recovering from a fall. Right now she has the birds in the guest...

Mystery death in mixed aviary

EB Cravens

I found Sid elderly wild-caught and rescued Timneh African Grey parrot, dead in the nest box where he sleeps. Sid could not fly. HE has shared since last September the shed in which the nest box is...

Indian parakeet questions

EB Cravens

Hi. I live in India and I have a parakeet. My dad got it from someones house and that’s why we don’t know its history. We have had her for about a month now and we never keep it in the cage,  as it...

Eating Acorns?

EB Cravens

Oak trees grow over my aviary. Acorns fall through. The poultry and birds generally ignore them. My Lesser Sulphur-Crested Perdy is climbing upside down across the roof and pulling acorns in and...

Feeding grit to parrots

EB Cravens

Do parrots need grit as a part of their diet?

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