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Expert Questions

Outdoor aviary for my Moluccan Cockatoo

EB Cravens

I’m moving to a house where I can have an outdoor aviary for my Moluccan Cockatoo. Space is about 6 feet wide by 8 feet long. What kind should I get? Any recommendations?


Safe Plants for Parrots

EB Cravens

Dear EB,  I am moving my blue-fronted parrot Manitou to a conservatory where he will be able to enjoy the moonlight, extra light from the double glazed windows and see the bird-feeders we have in...

Wing Clipping

EB Cravens

Hi EB, I want to ask you if is better to clip or not the wings. I have a baby Congo African Grey and I didn’t clip his wings. He is 18 weeks. He is flying a lot and is so happy. Please tell me what...

Parrot Day Care?

EB Cravens

I am writing because it is clear to me how difficult it is for the average person who shares his or her home with a parrot to create an environment where their parrot will actually thrive. Most...

Feather Growth in Parrots

EB Cravens

Dear EB,
I have a common Indian parrot and unfortunately the seller has clipped its wings. I want to know as to how long it will take for its wings to regrow ie the centre wing span. Daily i take...

Flock behavior and Hawk-headed Parrots

EB Cravens

Hi EB, A while ago, you asked if my Hawkheaded parrot is OK sharing the indoor sunroom with our 6 other companion parrots. In this room we have 3 amazons, a galah, a vos eclectus, and our...

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