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Expert Questions

How can I reduce the tension between my birds?

EB Cravens

We currently have two African Grey parrots, Peaches who is five years old and Vincent who is two (nearly three) years old. Peaches has always been a very laid back bird and never shown any signs of...

Choosing a suitable flock mate

EB Cravens

I acquired a green cheeked conure 11 months ago. He/she is approximately 16 months old, is very active, playful, healthy and seems very well adjusted. I am trying my best to ensure that he gets the...

Nesting African Grey Parrots

EB Cravens

My Question:  have 8 rescue Greys in a large outdoor aviary. All get on very well, and two pairs are very bonded. to encourage breeding, what shape should nest boxes be, what nesting materials are...

Bathing fears

EB Cravens

Dear Mr. Cravens,
I have had my 7 year old Grey Sparkle for 2 years now. I re-homed her from a young couple who couldn’t look after her and their 2 children at the same time. Sparkle will not...

Parrot Exercise

EB Cravens

Dear EB, I have a Jardines parrot and a Senegal. They are both about 7 months old. My Jardines doesn’t fly as much as my Senegal (don’t know if this is a special issue- I live in a flat). When she...

Weight loss during weaning

EB Cravens

I just purchased a baby Ducorps Cockatoo; 6 months. She came in weighing 326 grms and has dropped steadily to 298 today. I have been talking with my vet and breeder, and don’t feel I’m making...

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